Sunday 26 September 2021

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Conclusions and Additions


I like this set. It had a good all round feel. The power was on point and there are lots of interesting and viable cards without being too extreme on the power creep or having any obviously oppressive cards. Between the two Modern Horizons sets the power creep and number of bomb format warping cards released was all a bit too extreme. This level where we find Innistrad is where I want to see it. I really really like the printing of some nice rounded cheap support cards. I might have mentioned but Consider is the card I am most pleased to see pretty much as long as I have been doing this blog! This over shadows some of the other cards I am also really excited to have such as the scry Shock and Unsummon, Otherworldly Gaze, and some other interesting, useful and playable one drops. This might be the most one drops added to the cube from any new set which is a record I am most happy about. 

Set flavour was solid and on point as well. I obviously love the basic lands and it would seem as if the community does in general too if the popularity on Card Market is anything to go by! There seems to be a lot of power creep down dead ends which is probably the best place for it. Cards with loads going on, cards to which the sum of the parts add up to very impressive returns, but that are really hard to unlock. That tended to mean that the most powerful cards are not all that exciting for cube where you are looking for more readily accessible and broadly rounded powerful cards. On the flip side there are a lot of modal and flexible cards that are quite well pushed and these are pretty spot on for cube. 

*cards from the commander product

Cards Going in the Cube

Ambitious Farmhand // Seasoned Cathar

Suspicious Stowaway // Seafaring Werewolf

Moonveil Regent

Briarbridge Tracker

Gorex, the Tombshell*

Augur of Autumn

Intrepid Adversary

Tovolar's Huntmaster // Packleader

Falkenrath Pit Fighter

Fateful Absence

Play with Fire


Burn Down the House

Cards to test with some reasonable expectation

Rite of Oblivion

Lier, Disciple of the Drowned

Search Party Captain

Cathar Commando

Outland Liberator // Frenzied Trapbreaker

Reckless Stormseeker // Storm-Charged Slasher

Siphon Insight

Smouldering Egg

Cathatic Pyre

The Meathook Massacre

Fading Hope

Bloodthirsty Adversary

Memory Deluge 

Spectral Adversary

Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia

Light up the Night

Infernal Grasp

Poppet Stitcher

Cards to test with minimal expectation

Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset

Morbid Opportunist

Jerren, Corrupted Bishop // Ormendahl, the Corrupter

Vengeful Strangler // Strangling Grasp

Slaughter Specialist

Malevolent Hermit // Benevolent Geist

Tainted Adversary

Flame Channeler // Embodiment of Flame

Overwhelmed Archivist // Archive Haunt

Vanquish the Horde

Brutal Cathar // Moonrage Brute

Arlinn, the Pack's Hope / The Moon's Fury

Sunset Revelry

Graveyard Trespasser // Glutton

Bloodline Culling

Curse of Silence

Otherworldly Gaze

Raze the Effigy

Ghoulish Procession

Sigardian Zealot*

Foul Play

Gisa, Glorious Resurrector

Storm the Festival

Rotten Ruination 

Some notable cards for the rotisserie/constructed reserves


Sigarda's Splendor

Champion of the Perished

Faithful Mending

Tovolar, Dire Overlord / the Midnight Scourge

Turn the Earth

Rite of Harmony

Wrenn and Seven

Festival Crasher

Florian, Voldaren Scion

Galvanic Iteration

Patrician Geist

Tapping at the Window

Lunarch Veteran // Luminous Phantom


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    1. I had missed it, sad times. Thanks for the heads up. And thanks again to Ben for all the good work he put into the site. Comfortably my most used cube resource. Here is to hoping Cube Cobra implement an average cube function!

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    1. No problem at all, indeed, the best way to get through to me. I obviously didn't even realize cubecobra had this functionality. Will attempt to reply there.