Monday 29 August 2016

The Third Online Rotisserie

The picks from the third of our groups rotisserie. Lots of players in blue and far too few in black was the story of this draft. Mostly it was my fault. I was placed rather clearly into white and started out in that direction but having seen so many people in blue I needed to do something. White is pretty cold to most blue decks on the whole. Red is a great way to crush blue but is was pretty much taken with two players obviously using it and its best aggressive cards. As such I felt the best counter to the silly blue stuff on the go was for me to get in on the action. I had a plan for the direction I was going to take the deck and that part of things went fine. In hindsight I should have built some aggressive black white deck but I am happy enough with my draft. It is a viable archetype unlike the trainwreak of my last online draft! Results of the games might be a ways off, finding free weekends to play the games for everyone is nearly as slow as the draft itself! We were all sufficiently well behaved in this draft that most people had finished their decks with 5 or more picks spare at the end and picked a bunch of silly things. Don't spend too long trying to work out what the clever use for those last cards is, there isn't one!

Old Fava BeensAction DanSwankerThe PhyrexianFarloSideshow CobMe
1Blitzschlag (Bolt)Birds of ParadiseJace, Vrynn's ProdigyDemonic TutorMana VaultForce of WillPath to Exile
2Monastery SwiftspearThundermaw HellkiteCounterspellTime SpiralGrim MonolithBrainStormSwords to Plowshares
3Volcanic IslandTaigaSnapcaster MageScalding TarnJace, the Mind SculptorCryptic CommandTundra
4Steam VentsWooded FoothillsNoble HierarchUnderground SeaWastelandArcane DenialHallowed Fountain
5Fire IceLotus CobraMisty RainforestYawgmoth's WillFlooded Strand Shelldock IsleArid Mesa
6Thermo-AlchemistPlateauStone forge MysticDig Through TimePolluted DeltaTreasure CruiseSensei's Divining Top
7Bloodstained MireSavannahTemple GardenWatery GraveTropical IslandPonderCelestial Colonnade
8True-Name NemesisScavenging OozeWindswept HeathMarsh FlatsBreeding PoolAncestral VisionsSpell Pierce
9Delver of SecretsCourser of KruphixTireless TrackerFrantic SearchRishadan PortAncient TombTalisman of Progress
10ElectrolyzeTarmagoyfKitchen FinksShow and TellGarruk WildspeakerSpellskiteSeachrome Coast
11Arc TrailW├╝rgewurzelgeistDeathrite ShamanEmrakul, the Aeons TornEternal WitnessMox DiamondChrome Mox
12Burst LightningExperiment OneStirring WildwoodGitaxian ProbeCoalition RelicThran DynamoBalance
13Chain LightningWild NacatlVoice of ResurgenceImpulseGilded LotusTinkerNegate
14Goblin GuideBloodbraid ElfQasali PridemageUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothUpheavalWurmcoil EngineLat-Nam's Legacy
15Grim LavamancerGoblin RabblemasterAvacyn's PilgrimCyclonic RiftSeat of the SynodChromatic StarMystical Tutor
16PreordainBoggart Ram-GangDen ProtectorVampiric TutorKarn, LiberatedRemandCunning Wish
17Serum VisionsJoraga TreespeakerVerdant CatacombsCompulsive ResearchVoltaic KeyThing in the IceCounterbalance
18Sulphuric VortexHellriderBayouMyriad LandscapeTangle WireTrinket MageAetherling
19Abbot of Keral KeepLlanowar ElfScrublandsSee BeyondMox OpalVedalken ShacklesScroll Rack
20Red Elemental BlastKessig Wolf RunThalia, Guardian of ThrabenSunken HollowFlooded GroveCrush of TentaclesEnlightened Tutor
21PyroblastVengevinePhyrexian RevokerMindbreak TrapTemple of Mystery Fact or FictionOrim's Chant
22Cascade BluffsHuntsmaster of the FellsCollected CompanyFlusterstormUgin the Spirit Dragon Hurkyl's RecallIsochron Scepter
23Shivan ReefGhor-Clan RampagerGideon, Ally of ZendikarTurnaboutSmokestackElixir of ImmortalityThirst for Knowledge
24Wandering FumarolKird ApeAven MindcenserToxic DelugeGigadrowseMystic ConfluenceEntreat the Angels
25Sulphur FallsFlinthoof BoarThalia, Heretic CatharMinds DesireKrosan GripEverflowing ChalliceUnexpectedly Absent
26GushTreetop VillageVryn WingmareThoughtseizeMisdirectionWorn PowerstoneDisenchant
27UnsubstantiateRofellosFauna ShamanHigh TideTezzeret the SeekerTeferi, Temporal ArchmageEmrakul, the Promised End
28Jori En, Ruin DiverCraterhoof BehemothFleece-mane LionSapphire MedallionLumbering FallsTamiyo moon sageMemory Lapse
29Dack FaydenDragonlord AtarkaCouncils JudgementChromatic SphereYavamia coastSundering TitanGlen Elandra Archamge
30Young PyromancerHavocLeonin Relic-WarderEidolon of the Great RevelCrucible of worldsTalisman of DominanceTemporal Manipulation
31Looter il-KorChokeReclamation SageBrain FreezeTrinisphereAll is DustMystic Gate
32Stromkirk NobleAtarka's CommandGrand AbolisherAnkh of MishraWinter OrbSolemn SimulacrumTerminus
33Stormchaser MageBurning-Tree EmissaryGaddock TeegSnapExplorationDarksteel ColossusAzorius Signet
34Faithless LootingRaging RavineShambling VentDuressGenesis WaveJace BelerenElspeth, Knight-Errant
35Temple of EpiphinyStomping GroundSun petal GroveChain of VaporNissa, WorldwakerHibernationAbeyance
36Fiery ConfluenceFire-Lit ThicketRazorverge ThicketNightscape FamiliarStasisSphere of ResistanceAncient Den
37Incediary FlowDomri RadeGodless ShrineStifleSimic SignetBlue Elemental BlastRaise the Alarm
38ChillBeast WithinAether VialBubbling MuckBasalt Monolith Blightsteel ColossusAdakar Wastes
39WarmthKolaghan StormsingerBanisher PriestCloud of FaeriesSimic Growth ChamberBriberyFlagtones of Trokair
40Fury Charm Legion LoyalistEthersworn CanonistTendrils of AgonyThragtuskJace, Architect of ThoughtBoomerang
41Mana ConfluenceVexing ShusherHorizon CanopyArmageddonMuddle the MixtureRavages of warGlacial Fortress
42Curious HomunculusSylvan AdvocateAbrupt DecayDefense GridBatterskullSummary DismissalWing Shards
43Dualcaster MageNeedle SpiresOvergrown TombTreacheryWall of RootsForce SpikePort Town
44City of BrassBurning-Tree ShamanLoxodon Smiter DamnationHinterland HarbourVendilion CliqueTemple of Enlightenment
45Zurgo, BellslurperLightning MaulerGavony Township Helm of AwakeningChancellor of the Tangle Venser Shaper SavantSupreme Verdict
46TrickbindCindergladesMother of RunesAshiok, Nightmare WeaverMormir Vig, Simic VisionaryMental MisstepPredict
47DazeImposing SoverignCataclysmBaleful StrixSimic Guild MageJin Gitaxis, Core AugurSpell Snare
48Lava DartSeedtimeLeonin ArbiterTasigur, the Golden FangKiora, the Master of the DepthsSphinx of the Steel WindBlessed Alliance
49Pillar of Flamewild slashTidehollow ScullerMind TwistShamblesharkMuldrifterDetention Sphere
50Fire BoltIncinerateSin Collectorlim-duls vaultSlippery BoggleShahrazadMistveil Plains