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Modern Horizons 2 Additions and Conclusions


This is easily the most powerful single set since Alpha. This comes as no surprise given that MH1 did hold that title and since then power creep has been fairly intense. Indeed I am almost relived nothing individually too horrific was spoiled given recent past form. Obviously the dust is a long way from settling so there is plenty of opportunity for things to be broken... Ragavan is still far too much for my liking but perhaps it is somehow fine? Most things do at least kill him with ease. 

There are a lot of things I want to pickup from this set although many of them will never set foot in the drafting cube as they are narrow in some way. Most modern archetypes had a couple of custom built cards for them in MH2, some others got many multiples like affinity. All of this direct support from a high powered set ensures that there are lots of things that are great in the decks they have been designed for and as such a bunch of things for the constructed reserves. It seems to be the case that in modern now your deck either contains MH2 cards or is not very good any more.

The cards with draft cube potential are high in number but not off the charts high. The difference to usual releases is more in the power of those cards rather than the quantity. Just a really foolishly high power level across quite a number of cards. As was noted in the comments, I barely ever give 9/10 or higher ratings. Force of Negation and Prismatic Vista got 9s from the last MH set but lands kind of don't count in quite the same way. Deathrite and Smuggler's Copter would have had 9s too had I rated them in the same way. Oko should of course also have had a 9.5 rating but I totally missed how broken he was on initial review. In over a decade of reviews that is a handful of 9+ cards and rightly so. I'm not sure you want these format warping cards that often. Well, MH2 has more 9+ cards than the last decade of magic so that is quite the claim. We shall see how it pans out with MH2 having five cards rated 9 or more. Luckily cube is highly resilient to such things so while other formats may suffer cube should take it in it's stride. 

Much as I dislike the pricing on MH2 and I am wary of the power I do really appreciate the good design. I am not such a fan of the gimmick cards. Those that are clearly top down designed based on some daft word play. Lets keep that kind of thing for the silver boarded releases mostly. Beyond that the cards are generally really top draw stuff. I don't know if the designers getting to take the gloves off brings out the best in design or if more resources are thrown at getting these MH sets good but there is certainly something at play. Well thought out, interesting and sensible card design is again the real champion of these sets. As ever, here are the cards I will be  getting from MH2 and what I will be doing with them.

Additions (best to worst)

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer 


Ignoble Hierarch 



Dauthi Voidwalker



Urza's Saga

Svyelun, God of the Sea and Sky

Rift Sower

Prismatic Ending


Flametongue Yearling

Esper Sentinel 

Hard Evidence 

Tourach, Dread Chanter 

Breya's Apprentice 

Test with high hopes;

Ravenous Squirrel 

Master of Death 

Nested Shambler 

Clattering Auger 

Dragon's Rage Channeler 

Lose Focus 

Myr Scrapling 

Mine Collapse 

Test with low hopes;

Rishadan Dockhand

Sword of Hearth and Home

Dakkon, Shadow Slayer

Priest of Fell Rites 

Obsidian Charmaw 


Flame Blitz

Verdant Command 

Sylvan Anthem 


Legion Vanguard 

Resurgent Belief 

Geyadrone Dihada 

Blazing Rootwalla 

Strike it Rich 

Tireless Provisioner 


Bloodbraid Marauder 

Blossoming Calm 

Unholy Heat 

Out of Time

For the Constructed Reserves;

The Artifact Dual Lands

The Underworld Cookbook


Glimpse of Tomorrow

Arbound Mouser

Step Through

Dress Down

Gaea's Will

Thought Monitor 

Ornithopter of Paradise 

Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth 

Sanctum Weaver 

Faithless Salvaging 


Terrirtorial Kavu 




Diamond Lion

Unmarked Grave

Profane Tutor

Timeless Dragon

Squirrel Sanctuary 

Kaldra Compleat 

Squirrel Sovereign 

Chitterfang, Squirrel General 

Fractured Sanity 

Void Mirror

Kitchen Imp

Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp 

Carth the Lion

Arcbound Shikari 

Academy Manufacturer 

Liquimetal Torque

Scurry Oak

Fae Offering 

Road // Ruin 

Sanctifier en-Vec 

Harmonic Prodigy 

Calibrated Blast 

Abiding Grace 

General Ferous Rokiric 

Sudden Edict 

Lonis, Cryptozoologist 



Archon of Cruelty

Timeless Witness 

Vile Entomber


Skyblade's Boon 

Barbed Spike 

Power Depot 

Sythis, Harvest's Hand 

Foundation Breaker 

Arcbound Javelineer 

Sol Talisman 

Glimmer Bairn 

Inevitable Betrayal

Blacksmith's Skill 

Magus of the Bridge

Terminal Agony

Tragic Fall

Arcbound Prototype 

Murktide Regent 

Break the Ice


Goblin Anarchomancer 

Sojourner's Companion 


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