Friday, 27 November 2020


So, branching out and trying to learn this youtube malarkey. This is my first attempt at a video and calling it my attempt is grossly misrepresenting who has done the lion's share of the work and made this happen. It is a core cube draft with my mate Nath (the workhorse) on his account and computer, I am merely advising over discord. This link is just the draft. We have round one recorded which I will attempt to edit and upload as well. The other two rounds have not even been played as yet although hopefully I'll get them done at some point too. 

This is just a test. If it works out and is both fun to do and popular I will invest in better equipment and do more to tidy things up and make them look and sound more pleasant. Drafts seem like the obvious thing to do in this format but I suspect if I carry on with youtube other sorts of video will also be on the cards like card reviews and top 10 lists.  

We jump into this draft in the midst of me rambling on about the strengths of the colours in core cube. This was based on a list I found on cube cobra that called itself the core cube. We later learned the lists were different although they did seem very similar. It is our second ever draft of the format so there is a lot of unknowns for us.

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