Friday 11 December 2020

YouTube: Core Cube Draft Round 1

 Well, it only took a few weeks for me to sus out editing... Here is the video for the first round of our draft;

Having re-watched it several times I noticed an interesting thing I do. I talk a lot about couterspells and Control Magic effects, far more so than is actually warranted. This is mostly a tilt prevention mechanism that I have. If you anticipate the worst things that your opponent can do to you it prepares you much better for having them happen. Sometimes it is sensible to play around such things but mostly you just have to play into them and you feel a lot better about that when you do so with your eyes open. You feel good about your predictions should they happen even if the result of them is bad and this helps keep you positive and in the right frame of mind to win. 

Hopefully I will get rounds two and three done soon. We have them recorded but a third mate joined us for the games and as such the debate is likely going to be more chaotic and less useful. If I cannot sort that out with editing I might try and simply do a separate narration audio outlining what we were doing and why. While this would be an interesting exercise it does not sound like it will speed up the uploading process! 

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