Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Commander Legends Thoughts and Additions


As far as commander goes this set seems full of wins and only the odd concern. The concerns being the Lotus and perhaps the high power level in partner commanders. I think the power level for this set in how it relates to the 1v1 formats it effects is pretty reasonable too, I want these kinds of sets to have less impact than conventional sets and so while that makes this set a win in my books it does mean fairly little will be changing in cube. I do not expect much out of the test cards and so this will be quite comfortably the least represented of recent sets in the cube. By recent I means several years worth. The interesting stuff is all the synergy things and support cards. There is plenty to brew with, it just wont be high tier or draftable stuff. 

I noticed I was adding in less of the marginal stuff to these lists (which I use as my wish lists from which to procure new cards with) than I usually do. Not because the set is less powerful either. I was just less bothered about picking up the stuff I will likely only play once or twice in some novel setting. This speaks to me as an indication of some personal burnout. There is just so much new product coming out. Either I cannot be bothered to get absolutely everything that might be of use or I don't trust that things will stay even potentially relevant long enough to bother getting. 

Lots of much needed reprints are great for the community although combined with the quantity of new product it does seem to be shifting the value of cards rather towards reserved list ones. It seems as if Wizards should look to release some guidelines regarding their goals with the secondary markets. I actually think they should add more cards to the reserved list slowly and carefully over time. Not format staples or good cards, just some more cards so as to ease the growing pressure on that relatively small and select group of stuff. I also feel as if they should state some rough price aims such as when a (normal version of a) modern/pioneer card goes above a certain dollar value on the secondary market then it will receive reprints until it dips below that threshold. That would give consumers a much greater degree of confidence and security about purchases both in terms of timing and cost. 


Slash the Ranks

War Room



Necrotic Hex

Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith 

Kamahl, Heart of Krosa 

Court of Ambition

Archon of Coronation 

Emberwild Captain 

Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools

Sphinx of the Second Sun

Opposition Agent 

Constructed Reserves

Impulsive Pilferer

Guildless Commons 

Scholar of the Ages

Juri, Master of the Revue 

Armix, Filigree Thrasher 

Ardenn, Intrepid Archealogist 

Prava of the Steel Legion 

Jeska's Will

Dargo, the Shipwrecked 

Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh

Court of Cunning

Demonic Lore

Blim, Comedic Genius 


  1. War room does not work like I think you think it does. You can not activate the card if you do not have a commander. As stated by WotC.

    1. Thanks for the tip off. Probably for the best, the card would be well above the bar if so. You have a link to where WotC said this?

    2. Gavin says it on a the podcast for Soley Singleton. They also mention it on there hot takes episode for the set. The host said he contacted Gavin about that exact thing.

      Fast forward to around 1:14:30-

    3. Here, this is better and more "official". About half way down the page:

      Cheers, great reads as always though.

    4. Thanks, much appreciated. And wow, release notes have come a long way since I last looked at them. They are now really useful. Sadly I get my preliminary reviews done mostly before notes are released.