Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Card Spotlight: Hydriod Krasis

Hydroid KrasisI don't want to spend much time talking about this card. It is everywhere and people are well aware of how good it is and the reasons why. I was pretty wrong about this one for cube. I thought it was just an over cost gold fatty, a good card but not cube good. It turns out to be pretty comparable to The Scarab God. They are meta warping cards and huge pulls to the colour pair. Dimir was already popular but Simic was pretty much a non-event. In a sealed pools Simic lands felt like wasted cards. Seemingly just having access to Krasis has turned that completely around and we are seeing a lot of blue green decks played and doing well. I was prepared for Krasis to be better than I thought but I was not at all prepared for it to be this good and to have this degree of affect on the meta.

I think what I got wrong about Krasis in my review of the card was the average performance. While I was correct that the most common mode would be X = 4 it turns out that the average is above that and probably closest to X = 6. Plenty of green decks overproduce mana and it turns out what you want to play in that situation is Krasis. It just seems to be the card you want to draw when you have it and the card you don't want to see on the other side of the board. It is somehow good in every matchup and makes you feel really nice and safe. This is most welcome. Krasis is of the same power level as Scarab God but it isn't as oppressive being far less of a polar card. Overall this makes it most welcome due to how it is revitalizing Simic. I had seriously considered cutting dual lands for Simic due to how little play it was getting pre-Krasis. So yeah, looks like this is here to stay!

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