Thursday 17 September 2020

Zendikar Rising: Conclusions and Additions

A little sad that both the inscription cycle and pathway cycle are incomplete even if the latter has been promised soon. Hopefully the pathway completion will have a similar aesthetic vibe and be available in both full art and normal styles.

There is a lot of card on this list of cards I have interest in but none of them look very broken, oppressive, or poorly and dangerously designed from a cube perspective. There are some cards that raise the eye for modern and the lands mix it up for constructed but compared to companions and Oko/Uro it is all pretty small fry stuff. Much as this set is low powered compared to almost everything we have seen since Dominaria I expect it to change the cube meta more than anything other than Theros and the escape cards. This is because the cards from this set that are good are all option rich cards that help increase consistency and provide an array of uses both early and late game. The spell lands are the biggest part of this but it is clear in most of the cards that I have rated highly. 

Cards with an * are spell lands.

Additions to the Limited Cube (plus top 8 cards for cube)

1.   6x Pathway lands
2.   Bloodchief's Thirst
3.   Magmatic Channeler
4.   Inscription of Abundance
5.   Hagra Mauling *
6.   Shatterskull Smashing*
7.   Master of Winds
8.   Jwari Disruption *

Jace, Mirror Mage
Agadeem's Awakening*
Turntimber Symbiosis*
Emeria's Call*
Kazandu Mammoth *
Luminarch Aspirant
Ondu Inversion*
Soul Shatter
Skyclave Apparition
Fireblade Charger
Kabira Takedown*

Tangled Florahedron *
Acquisitions Expert
Roil Eruption
Crawling Barrens

Test with High Hopes

Inscription of Ruin
Seagate Stormcaller
Scourge of the Skyclaves
Skyclave Shade
Valakut Exploration
Maul of the Skyclaves
Nighthawk Scavenger
Bala Ged Recovery *
Selundi Vision*
Lithoform Blight
Khalni Ambush*
Fearless Fledgling
Kazuul's Fury*
Pelakka Predation *
Spikefield Hazard *
Cleansing Wildfire
Nissa of Shadowed Boughs

Test with Low Expectations

Leyline Tyrant
Felidar Retreat
Charix, the Raging Isle
Nullpriest of Oblivion
Shatterskull Charger
Oran-Rief Ooze
Shadow's Verdict
Scute Swarm
Kargan Intimidator
Inscription of Insight
Thieving Skydiver
Vastwood Fortification*
Valakut Awakening *
Taborax, Hope's Demise
Beyeen Veil*
Blackbloom Rogue *
Thundering Rebuke
Malakir Rebirth *
Kitesail Cleric
Umara Wizard *
Song-Mad Treachery*
Makindi Stampede *
Thwart the Grave
Akoum Warrior*
Sejiri Shelter *
Skyclave Cleric *
Zof Consumption *
Feed the Swarm
Akoum Hellhound
Omnath, Losuc of Creation
Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate
Yasharn, Implacable Earth
Skyclave Relic
Spare Supplies

Stuff for Singleton Constructed (grouped somewhat accordingly where likely played together)

Archpriest of Iona
Squad Commander
Tazri, Beacon of Unity
Coveted Prize
Tajuru Paragon
Journey to Oblivion
Veteran Adventurer
Deadly Alliance
Base Camp
Zagrath, Thief of Hearbeats
Spoils of Adventure

Coralhelm Chronicler
Verazol, the Split Current
Vine Gecko
Roost of Drakes
Throne of Makindi

Merfolk Windrobber
Zulaport Duelist
Zareth San, the Trickster
Soaring Thought Thief

Maddening Cacophony
Ruin Crab

Canyon Jerboa
Brushfire Elemental
Skyclave Pickaxe
Wayward Guide-Beast

Swarm Shambler
Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager

Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients
Akiri, Fearless Voyager

Orah, Skyclave Hierophant
Cleric of Life's Bond
Relic Vial

Umra Mystic
Roiling Vortex
Confounding Conundrum
Moraug, Fury of Akoum
Seagate Restoration*
Nihiri's Lithoforming
Scion of the Swarm
Iridescent Hornbeetle
Demon's Disciple
Roiling Regrowth
Kor Blademaster
Phylath, World Sculptor
Vastwood Surge
Adventure Awaits
Marauding Blight-Priest
Bubble Snare
Kazandu Nectarpot
Farsight Adept
Fissure Wizard
Field Research
Kazra, Roil Chaser
Scale the Heights
Nahiri's Binding
Resolute Strike
Kargan Warleader
Forsaken Monument
Relic Amulet
Utility Knife

I am a fan of this set. It has nice lands and I like lands. It has things that increase consistency and options by the bucket load and I am a massive fan of that. The power level is good without seeming too dangerous or mental.

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