Wednesday 24 November 2021

Innistrad Crimson Vow Conclusions and Additions


Crimson Vow is one of the lowest power level sets we have had in a long while. This is clear from the low numbers of cards I am adding and testing but also from the lower ratings I gave the cards on average. This is no bad thing at all however. I had been getting a littler exasperated at the rate of power creep and general silliness we have seen since MH1/Throne of Eldrain sets. For where we are now Crimson Vow feels like a good power level going forwards. I want a couple of obviously good cube cards per set with a handful of things worth testing and that is what Vow delivers. I liked the high numbers of one drop cards we got in Midnight Hunt and was hoping for more of the same but I am perfectly happy with the outcome as it stands. Crimson Vow isn't even a low powered set, it is just surrounded by goliaths. Five years ago the power level of Vow would have made waves! 

The power level and complexity of the commons impressed me again and makes me think that the booster draft and sealed for the set will be really good and fun. There are so any commons I did a double take upon finding out they were not uncommon. Blood is a huge part of this. I loved clues at first sight and immediately wanted for both treasure and food to be done in the same sort of way, and fairly quickly got my wish. These aspects have all added loads to cube and magic in general. I didn't expect another token resource thing like this at all, let alone so soon, or so cool. Blood hits the nail on the head for power level and utility. I hope to see more of it over the years. 

The focus of the good new additions come in black and red - shock - the vampire colours. I have not seen the cream of the crop from a set be so lop sided in colours before. Neither of those colours really need the help presently in cube. I was quite happy seeing white and green get a lot of cool new stuff recently. Overall it shouldn't change that much in the actual cube beyond black having more consistent access to early hand disruption. Much as there is a lot of movement in the cube these days thanks to all this power creep it is fairly focused and tends to be new cards replacing slightly less new cards rather than the old stuff moving along. In some ways it is good as cube remains fresh without changing loads but at the same time it is frustrating not getting to spend that long with new and interesting cards before they are outdated. Equally some old cards are tedious and I would love for them to be somehow made unworthy! This latter aspect is actually well underway with cards like Armageddon not actually performing well at all anymore just down to how the game has developed. This is all a bit of an aside and doesn't directly relate to Crimson Vow... likely as I don't have all that much more to say on the matter.  I like the set, aesthetically and mechanically, but it is a fairly low consequence set. Cleave is a mechanic that doesn't bother me but I have heard a lot of bad press about and I do fully sympathize with those who dislike it and will strive to avoid it. Cleave may be the worst thing about the set because of this. As ever, my wish list and where they are headed;

*cards from Commander product

To Add 

Dread Fugue

Sorin the Mirthless

Concealing Curtains

Henrika Domnathi

Chandra, Dressed to Kill

Cemetery Gatekeeper

Reckless Impulse 

To Test with high hopes

Volatile Arsonist

Mischievous Cat 

Overcharged Amalgam

Spectral Arcanist*

Voldaren Bloodcaster

Wedding Announcement

Undead Butler

Ulvenwald Oddity

Ascendant Packleader 

Stensia Uprising

Voltaic Visionary

Welcoming Vampire 

Cemetery Illuminator 

To Test with low hopes

Olivia, Crimson Bride

Dorothea, Vengeful Victim

Fell Stinger

By Invitation Only

Toreas, Fist of the Angels

Cemetery Protector 

Cemetery Prowler 

Dollhouse of Horrors 

Inspired Ideas 

Thirst for Discovery 

Glorious Sunrise 

Mirrorhall Mimic

Faithbound Judge

Wash Away

Hopeful Initiate 

Avabruck Caretaker 

Jacob Hauken, Inspector

Cobbled Lancer

Edgar, Charmed Groom

Ethereal Investigator*

For the constructed reserves

Voldaren Estate

Dig Up

Voldaren Epicure 

Demonic Bargain

Dominating Vampire

Vampire's Vengeance 

Falkenrath Forebear 

Geistlight Snare

Witness the Future

Voice of the Blessed

Hallowed Haunting

Archghoul of Thraben 

Scattered Thoughts 

Headless Rider 

Wandering Mind

Dreamshackle Geist

Stormchaser Drake 

Eruth, Tormented Prophet

Kessig Flamebreather 

Cartographer's Survey 

Fleeting Spirit 

Bloodtithe Harvester 

Ill-Tempered Loner

Lantern of the Lost

End the Festivities 

Blood Fountain 

Millicent, Restless Revenant*

Storm of Souls*

Disorder in the Court*

Shadowgrange Archfiend*

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