Friday 19 March 2021

Thanks CubeTutor


I first got asked to put my list up on CubeTutor in 2015 and thought I was doing others a favour in doing so. Since then I have used the site more than any other magic resource and am quite clearly the recipient of the favour! It has recently come to my attention that my main drafting cube is one of the most popular cubes to be drafted on CubeTutor. This pleases me no end. It was always my aim with this blog to share my love of cube with the world and try to show how great the format is. The reach CubeTutor has given my cube is something I am even more grateful for than the personal utility the site gives me. 

Not only am I proud of my high draft and deck building rates on CubeTutor I am also a little surprised. I have not exactly promoted the use of the site and would expect more active members of the community to be the recipients of this attention. The only place I have ever advertised my cube is here on this blog as far as I can recall and even then, pretty poorly. It would take some digging to find the links to it. As such, thankyou to any of my audience who must have helped contribute to the performance of my cube on the site. A very big thankyou also to the good folk at CubeTutor who created and maintain the site. You have clearly done great work. If anyone has any theories as to how my cube became so popular I would be most interested to hear them. 

For the sake of continuing this positive trend, here are the links to my CubeTutor lists; (I keep the main cube well updated, the others less regularly)

Main Drafting Cube

Combo Cube

Powered Cube

Budget Cube


  1. What are your thoughts on cube cobra?

    1. That I am not the 2nd most drafted cube on it! I did upload my cube onto it and have played around with it a bit. It loads nice and fast and looks quite slick. It however lacks the functionality of CubeTutor. Mostly I am just more familiar with CubeTutor hence preferring it. Also keeping two lists updated is a bit tedious. Here is my cube there however;

  2. I think it may have been a wise blog name choice for optimization. Great work I'm happy to see you're still writing.

    1. That figures. Turns out early bird beats wisdom on this kind of thing!