Tuesday 4 October 2016

4 Colour Cheaty Fat Man.dec

Corpse DanceSo I recently decided to ramp up my reanimate package by including the various one shot Sneak Attack style cards. I thought that they would require their own custom designed deck with predominantly legendary creatures so as to have Goryo's Vengeance be good. My previous post showcases the kind of list I thought you would need for these cards. I didn't really think you could get away with just ramming a whole load of different effects in together but this is where I was wrong.

The best creatures for each different type of cheat card are different however they typically have a lot of overlap. By having a new range of cheat in style cards that work slightly differently to the mix I have just increased the number of overlaps that exists. The best decks of this kind now seem to not be ones that focus specifically on one cheat effect but ones that use several. This is especially the case in draft and sealed where you cannot sculpt the perfect synergies. The list below is from a sealed deck I did and I have had a couple of other similar ones. So far they have been very successful. An increase in action cards and a reduction in filter and dig has simply meant the decks can do things for longer. They don't just find their one thing, do it and hope to win off the back of it. This list is far from a good version of the deck, it has decent support cards but is a little lacking in optimal targets. An Exhume would have been lovely too!

Oath of DruidsPreordain
Serum Visions
Vampiric Tutor
Careful Study

Collective Brutality
Shallow Grave
Oath of Druids
Animate Dead
Fire / Ice

Corpse Dance
Show and Tell
Stormtide LeviathanFrantic Search
Dack Fayden

Sneak Attack


Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
Stormtide Levaithan
Dragonlord Atarka
Blightsteel Colossus
Hornet Queen

16 lands

4 red sources
2 green sources
3 sac (all able to find all 4 colours)

Sneak AttackIdeally this list would have had Emrakul, the Eons Torn, Griselbrand and perhaps something like a Worldspine Wurm instead of the Leviathan and the Hornet Queen. That would have packed a whole lot more punch. Despite this the deck performed admirably. For normal reanimate style decks this lacks cheap discard outlets however running both Oath and Sneak means you don't always want things in the bin. That balancing act made the deck very hard to pilot but ultimately I was just glad to have the options. This deck coped very well with disruption and could survive far more effectively than most combo decks manage.

The Treachery was just a filler card. I would have preferred it to be something more useful within the scope of what I was trying to do. With how my cube is presently constructed this style of deck is easily one of the most powerful archetypes. It does the sort of powerful things people love to do in cube yet it has far more consistency both in ability to draft and in your draws than any other archetype trying to do broken things. Fixing is really good in my cube and so going four colours is no big deal. In the MTGO cubes this sort of thing needs far more caution.

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