Friday 8 July 2016

Top Cards from Eldritch Moon

What I think the Auto-Include Cards Are

1.   Emrakul, the Promised End
2.   Thalia, Heretic Cathar
3.   Cryptbreaker
4.   Incediary Flow
5.   Selfless Soul
6.   Liliana, the last Hope
7.   United Resistance
8.   Curious Homunculus
9.   Decimator of Provinces
10. Grapple with the Past
11. Niblis of Frost
12. Spell Queller
13. Wharf Infiltrator

Testing Stuff that I am expecting will remain in drafting cube

Hanweir Garrison
Kessig Prowler
Grim Flayer
Scour the Laboratory

Testing Stuff I am not that sure on!

Docent of Perfection
Chaos Reveler
Nahiri's Wrath
Extracator of Sin
Elder Deep-Fiend

Testing Stuff I expect to quickly get cut (although many will still have strong niche applications)

Mausoleum Wanderer
Hanweir Battlements
Gnarlwood Dryad
Blessed Alliance
Bloodhall Priest
Lone Rider
Stormkirk Mystic
Collective Brutality
Tamiyo, Field Researcher
Succumb to Temptation
Ishkanah, Grafwidow
Prophetic Ravings
Foul Emissary
Imprisoned in the Moon
Borrowed Hostility

Stuff that is situational and likely not even worth testing but important to have for certain things

Noose Constrictor
Stormkirk Condemned
Olivia's Dragoon
Furyblade Vampire
Distemper of the Blood
Graf Harvest
Primal Druid
Ironclad Slayer
Crop Sigil
Power of the Moon
Stunning Regrowth
Eldritch Evolution
Shreds of Sanity
Summary Dismissal
Nephalia Academy
Prying Questions
Sigarda's Blessing
Heron's Grace Champion
Oath of Liliana
Harmless Offering

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