Thursday 13 August 2015


I got a request to put my cube on CubeTutor and so I looked into it. I was concerned that it was going to be hard to maintain an up to date list due to the amount I chop and change things. Given the ease and utility of the website however I feel as if I will be able to keep a reasonable accurate list on the site and have put up a current version.

It is called "MTGcube Cube" and my username is "notdavidgrant". The reference is 36623.

Here is a link to the list view of it:

Here is one to the visual:

I have not bothered to put in the correct versions of my cards, I might at some stage but for now I am happy enough with just having the right list up there. For those that care, I try and use the original printing for cards, I like old art and borders. There are a few examples of cards with artwork I don't like where I have used a newer version such as Fyndhorn Elves and Raise the Alarm. I have the odd alternate or promo art for a few things here and there but typically they are just because that was the first copy I got hold of. As such I couldn't give specifics on those without going through everything. I also don't have cash to burn on the pretties so my Lightning Bolt, Birds of Paradise and Wrath of God style staples are FBB 4th edition ones and I have plenty of white border cards too in the dual lands, Wheel of Fortune, Mana Vault etc.

I must also make an appology to who appear to be a thing but one that I can't find that much out about. We obviously share very similar names and both have listings on CubeTutor.


  1. Awesome, thank you for uploading your list.

  2. Do you have a link to your list..? On cubecobra maybe..?