Saturday, 17 March 2012

Changes to the Cube II


Lightening Greaves

Chainers Edict

Deep Analysis
Treasure Mage

Volcanic Fallout
Chandra Nalaar

Inkmoth Nexus

Call of the Herd
Sylvan Safekeeper
Garruk Relentless

Revoke Existence


Green Sun's Zenith

Ball Lightening

Innocent Blood

Tranquil Thicket
Lonely Sandbar
Secluded Steppe
Barren Moor
Forgotten Cave

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Spectral Lynx

Myr Retriever

In addition to these changes to the cube I have had a chance to play a good amount with a number of the Dark Ascension cards and can offer a more accurate rating for the cube.

Lingering Souls 3.5 - I gave this 1.5 initially however I was very wrong on it based on how easy and painless it is to splash in white weenie. A very powerful and flexible card that is good enough to consider splashes in various heavy white or black decks.

Geralf's Messengers 2.0 - Initially I condemned this to the B cube for costing triple black . There are enough different mono black decks in which he sees play and is a good value dork with lots of synergy throughout black.

Gravecrawler 3.5 - My over excitement for this card was a little over the top, it turns out there are very few non-terrible zombies to be able to make use of this card in more than two archetypes at a push.

Faithless Looting 4.0 - I got this horribly wrong too giving a mere 2.5 rating to begin with. It turns out that good cheap card quality and utility in colours not used to such things is amazing. It has been incredibly powerful in every single deck with red in it I have played so far. Best card in the set for cub by a long way.

Tragic Slip 3.5 - From the C cube to a 3.5 rating is the biggest swing and so technically the card I got most wrong but mostly I just overlooked it because it is not all that exciting. Every time I have drawn it I have compared it to Disfigure and it is coming up better over 50% of the time. Even so, a very similar card and not too exciting.

Huntsmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells 2.0 - I was harsh on this guy for just being slow and droky and gold. He is pretty extreme and good value even if a little narrow. Especially good to Birthing Pod into it turns out as well.A slight bump in rating here.

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad 3.0 - Another card to lose half a rating point. He is just no Elspeth, the emblem is not nearly as good as pumping and evasion regardless of the loyalty costs. Gold on top of this makes Sorin just an OK planeswalker and always second choice to Elspeth unless very heavy black.

Black Cat 2.5 - I have been highly impressed with this little zombie. Deterring attacks and being a great value sacrificial dork that is easy to cast and fulfils a role lacking in black.

Torch Fiend 2.0 - Not exciting but proved useful and deserving of a half rating point bump.

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