Thursday 12 May 2022

Streets of New Capenna Conclusions and Additions


This is pretty comfortably my least favourite flavour and set feel. I don't know if I just don't like the aesthetic period, if it is the meshing with magic, or if I am just sufficiently off my magic presently that this set is getting less automatic excitement from me and not getting the free pass I might otherwise have given it or indeed might have given other sets in the past. It is not just the art I am not into but also things like the naming of cards. 

Aesthetic however is not the main thing I look for in a set and I cannot really fault New Capenna other than that. It doesn't have any oppressive seeming cards. It has produced a bunch of nice one drops which are always welcome. It is not quite so wordy as previous sets. It doesn't even suffer that much from being a gold set where there is usually less on interest for cube. The power level is where it should be with very few cards going into the cube without question but a healthy number of cards up for consideration. The mechanics of the the five shards are also generally pretty good. I am pleased to see more use of treasure as well as increased experimentation with the planeswalker type. 

Much as I rate the card design there isn't much in the way of new or exciting cards, just variations of the same sort of stuff. This has been the case for a little while. It turns out when you don't have much in the way of gaps in your cube the only things that really shake up the environment are bombs and they don't tend to change things for the better. I feel like I should like New Capenna more than I do but I think it is me rather than the set for one reason or another and so that bodes well for non-me people which is the majority of people at least! 

To Add

Lethal Scheme*

Inspiring Overseer

An Offer You Can't Refuse 

Allied "Triomes"

To Test With High Expectations

Currency Converter*

Elspeth Resplendent 

All-Seeing Arbiter

A Little Chat

Ob Nixilis, the Adversary 

Mysterious Limousine

Unlucky Witness 

Witness Protection

Citizen's Crowbar


Sanctuary Warden 

Titan of Industry 

Night Clubber

Skyway Robber*

In Too Deep*

Workshop Warchief

Tainted Indulgence 

Aven Heartstabber

Topiary Stomper 

Make an Example*

Brokers Ascendancy

To Test With Low Expectations

Giada, Font of Hope

Prosperous Partnership*

Tenacious Underdog

Riveteers Requisitioner

Corpse Explosion

Sinister Concierge*

Dodgy Jalopy*

Caldaia Guardian*

Reservoir Kraken

Fleetfoot Dancer

Aerial Extortionist*

Scepter of Celebration*

Shakedown Heavy

Toluz, Clever Conductor

Unleash the Inferno

Raffine's Informant

Tivit, Seller of Secrets*

Professional Face-Breaker 

Vivien on the Hunt 

Jaxis, the Troublemaker

Gala Greeters

Dogged Detective*

For the Constructed Reserves 

Soul of Emancipation

Expendable Lackey

Riveteers Ascendancy

Slip Out the Back

Boon of Safety

Halo Scarab

Endless Detour 

Fatal Grudge

Incandescent Aria

Big Score

Sanguine Spy

Scheming Fence 

Indulge // Excess*

Determined Iteration*

Rain of Riches*

Void Rend 

Illuminator Virtuoso

Bennie Bracks, Zoologist*

Shadow of Mortality


Rob the Archives 

The Charms

Halo Fountain

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