Monday, 20 June 2016

The Rotisserie II Results

1st @ 5 - 2: The Phyrexian (Goblin Bidding) and Action Dan (Gr Ramp)

3rd @ 4 - 3: Captian Chicken (BG Reanimator)

4th @ 3 - 4: Me, Coppeline George, Old Fava Beens and Swanker
(Dump Truck, Aggro Mill, Artifact Combos and Mardu Tokens respectively)

5th @ 2 - 5: Sideshow Cob ( Bant Oath)

Detailed results at the bottom of the post.

Power and consistency won the day. Both winners had very polished deck focused mainly on doing their own thing well. Captain Chickens 3rd place deck was a little greedier but made up for it in spades with power. Mine and Swankers deck were consistent but lacked appropriate power, Old Fava Beens and Sideshow Cob had plenty of power but lacked a little in the consistency department.

I personally was hoping to finish with a positive record, I thought this was achievable with the list I had combined with good play. Mostly I was looking forward to good  games with my very interactive deck. Sadly I neither played that well nor got that good games. Either my opponents rolled me or they basically didn't show up.

My draft is a pretty good example of how not to draft. I didn't have an archetypal direction and so despite picking easily the highest number of top tier cards my final list was poor. You know things are bad when your deck is full of creatures and equipment yet your curve ends on Wrath of God's... I previously mentioned I should have just done some dull Aetherling control style deck after I was cut out of my mill plan and that was indeed the case.

I made further mistakes in my build as I was eager to use new cards that I hadn't fully tested. Thing in the Ice was poor for me, late game it was a terrible Wall of Omens and early it would force me to play in sub par ways. In many ways it is just a Delver of Secrets taken a long way further in the same kind of direction. Asylum Visitor was also pretty lack luster, a Thraben Inspector would likely have been better.

Lightning Bolt remains undefeated as it were for the unpowered first pick award! Action Dan also demonstrated well why combo decks struggle so much in unpowered cubes in his game against Sideshow Cob. Cob had activated Oath twice and had Ulamog and Emrakul in play while Action Dan had just been casting his stuff yet Action Dan had the more dominating board with Cob on the defensive! Creatures and permanents are simply so powerful now that cheating out things of supreme power only helps you if you do it before much of anything else has happened.

I was surprised by how even the results were compared to the last rotisserie we did. Last time we had a 6-0 and an 0-6 while this time the spread was half that despite each playing an extra game. On top of that I thought this time the draft had much more polar decks with some looking lovely and some looking jank which should have kept the spread high. Magic being quite random and sample sizes being so small I am not going to read anything into it. Given the deviations from correct drafting strategies in this event I would take any conclusions from this event with a pinch of salt. Salt of which it sounds like I have plenty of myself!

Me The Phyrexian Action Dan Sideshow Cob Old Fava Beens Captain Chicken Copperline George Swanker
Me na loss loss win win loss loss win
The Phyrexian win na win win win loss win loss
Action Dan win loss na win win loss win win
Sideshow Cob loss loss loss na loss win loss win
Old Fava Beens loss loss loss win na win loss win
Captain Chicken win win win loss loss na win loss
Copperling George win loss loss win win loss na loss
Swanker loss win loss loss loss win win na

Game Scores

Me vs Action Dan   1 - 2

Sideshow Cob vs The Phyrexian 1 - 2

Me vs Sideshow Cob 2 - 0

The Phyrexian vs Action Dan 2 - 1

Me vs The Phyrexian 1 - 2

Action Dan vs Sideshow Cob 2 - 0

Old Fava Beens vs Copperline George  1 -2

Sideshow Cob vs Swanker 2 - 0

Captain Chicken vs Sideshow Cob 1 - 2

Swanker vs Me 1 -2

Captain Chicken vs Copperline George 1 - 2

Sideshow Cob vs Old Fava Beens 1 - 1 - 2

Me vs Copperline George 0 - 2

Swanker vs The Phyrexian 1 - 2

Captain Chicken vs Old Fava Beens 1 - 2

Copperline George vs Sideshow Cob 2 - 1

Me vs Captian Chicken 1 - 2

Swanker vs George 2 - 0

Swanker vs Captain Chicken 2 - 0

Old Fava Beens vs Swanker 2 - 0

The Phyrexian vs Captain Chicken 1 - 2

The Phyrexian vs Copperline George 2 - 1

Me vs Old Fava Beans 2 - 1

The Phyrexian vs Old Fava Beens 2 - 0

Action Dan vs Copperling George 2 - 1

Action Dan vs Captain Chicken 0 - 2

Action Dan vs Old Fava Beens 2 - 0

Action Dan vs Swanker 2 - 1

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