Friday, 3 June 2016

Cube Tutor List (Update)

I hadn't been keeping the Cube Tutor list of my cube well updated and it seems a useful thing to do so I am going to try and keep on top of that a bit more. Potentially I will also try and have a list for a combo/powered cube and then one for my more commonly used midrange version but that is for another time. For now I have added all the things from the last year of releases. My actual cube is only about 540 usually, it might be 560-580 at present but that won't last long. I have trimmed out some lands to make room for the new better ones, the gold is thinner and some of the more niche cards have gone. I'll get to removing those things shortly but they are not bad cube cards, just not great in booster drafts or not the optimal cards to get the desired balance of stuff. Here is the fleshed out list of my cube with all the most recent goodies.


Edit: Mostly now tidied up the things that shouldn't be there anymore.

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