Monday 28 August 2023

Wilds of Eldraine Review


This set I simply don't have sufficient interest to bother doing a full set review. Mostly this is down to my homemade cube project taking up most of my Magic energy, but obviously Wizards has not helped much with my interest over the past few years either! I tried to read the spoiler as it was coming out and there were so many adventures and wordy cards I just couldn't care enough to focus. This will be the first set I have not reviewed since I started doing so over a decade ago! That being said, I still am going to do a checklist of cards to get, where I think they will wind up, and a rating for them. All that will be missing is the blurb that goes with my rating trying to justify it. Sadly, without having to think quite so hard about my opinion of a card and formulating that into words I am going to be rather more off the mark than usual. It will be interesting to see by how much post testing! Once done with ratings then finally a perhaps a paragraph or two about any thoughts I might have on the set as a whole. 

Auto Includes

Restless Fortress 8

Restless Vinestalk 8

Restless Spire 7.5

Restless Cottage 8.5

Virtue of Courage 7.5

Decadent Dragon 8

Charming Scoundrel 7

Horned Loch-Whale 8

Pickock Prankster 7.5

Lord Skitter, Swere King 7.5

Virtue of Persistence 7.5

Goddric, Cloaked Reveler 7.5

To Test (High expectations)

Court of Locthwain* 7

Tegwyll's Scouring* 7

Candy Trail 7.5

Restless Bivouac 7.5

The Huntsman's Redemption 7

Questing Druid 7

Mosswood Dreadknight 7.5

Hearth Elemental 7

Embereth Veteran 7.5

Specter of Mortality 7

Faerie Dreamthief 7

Twinning Twins 7

Frolicking Familiar 7

Farsight Ritual 7

Elusive Otter 7

Pollen-Shield Hare 7

Heartflame Delist 6.5

Regal Bunnicorn (The white Tarmogoyf!) 7

Virtue of Loyalty 7.5

Werefox Bodyguard 7.5

Torch the Tower 7

Asinine Antics 7

Beseech the Mirror 6.5

Rankle's Prank 7

Tangled Colony 7

Food Fight 7

Kellan, the Fae-Blooded 7

Scalding Viper 7

Elvish Archivist 7.5

The Goose Mother 7

Agatha's Soul Cauldron 7

To Test (Low expectations)

Tough Cookie 6

Three Bowls of Porridge 5

Gruff Triplets 5

Flick a Coin 6

The irencrag 5

Syr Gginger, the Meal Ender 6

Witchstalker Frenzy 6.5

The Witche's Vanity 5

Spiteful Hexmage 5

Woodland Acolyte 6

Cheeky House Mouse 6

Cooped Up 6

Hylda's Crown of Winter 6

Expel the Interlopers 6

Lady of Laughter 6.5

Plunge into Winter 5

Shrounded Shepherd 5

Spellbook Vendor 6.5

Stroke of Midnight 6

Freeze in Place 5

Gadwick's First Duel 5

Sleep-Cursed Faerie 5

Talion's Messenger 6

Tenacious Tomeseeker 6

Ashiok, Wicked Manipulator 6

Devouring Sugarmaw 6

Voracious Vermin 5

Immodane, the Pyrohammer 4

Monstrous Rage 5

Raging Battlemouse 6

Redcap Gutter-Dweller 6.5

Rotisserie Elemental 5

Beanstalk Wurm 4

Blossoming Tortoise 6.5

Bramble Familiar 6

Up the Beanstalk 6

Welcome to Sweettooth 6

Talion, the Kindly Lord 7

Constructed Reserve Stuff

Hopeful Vigil 5

Moonshaker Cavalry 6

Slumbering Keepguard 3

Stockpiling Celebrant 2

Ingenious Prodigy 6

Snaremaster Sprite 4

Spell Stutter 3

Callous Sell-Sword 5

Hopeless Nightmare 5

Not Dead After All 6

Harried Spearguard 6

Brave the Wilds 6

Night of the Sweets' Revenge 3

Virtue of Strength 5

Likeness Looter 6

Obyra, Dreaming Duelist 4

Rowan, Scion of War 5

Collector's Vault 5

Throne of Eldraine* 6

Not a whole lot to say about this set. I don't think my lack of excitement or interest is any real reflection of the set. It seems fine. I like the plane. It is perhaps a little too cartoony and cute for my tastes but not by much, and that certainly isn't how we should be looking at sets. The power level is about where you would want it which is a relief, the first Eldraine visit was marred rather by unreasonable power levels. There are lots of potentially good cube cards here but none that look to be oppressive in power or staples in their frequency of play, other than the manlands of course. Just a bunch of fine looking mid and top end variations of stuff. 

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