Friday 21 September 2018

Thoughts and Additions from Guilds of Ravnica

Cool set for a gold based one. Very impressed with the high degree of playability many of the gold cards offer, in particular the split cards. Also noteworthy that this set has more than usual on offer for cards that have a chance at shifting the meta. All one drop support cards but they are the workhorses of magic so it is unsurprising they hold the most power to shift a meta given they don't hold much power as cards! I didn't review any of the basic convoke dorks either, few of them are good but there many well now be enough on offer that a convoke deck is cube worthy. If so, expect cards that are less potent looking than Frogmite to get used. I am not suggesting they will come to dominate cube or anything like that, just that they could be playable and I didn't bother covering them.

With all the nuttyness of Kaladesh and Shadows Over Innistrad for power level we have seen a slow and steady decline in power level of hte subsequent sets. Guilds of Ravnica is looking to reverse that decline and starts things increasing in power again. Certainly not a high powered set but noticeably more so than other releases this year going into standard and modern. While the top end power level is low for new set it has impressively little trash cards. The average power level is decent and lots and lots of things need some testing. I expect most of it to ultimately end up in the exotic reserves but having lots to test is a great sign for a set. Sadly I imagine a lot of the stuff I am adding in with confidence will also wind up in the reserves not long after the cards in testing. Lots of it is gold and none of it is obviously over powered.

This is not the most exciting set in terms of new and different tools to play with. It has plenty of new cards but they are generally similar to tried and tested things. There is not loads I am already eager to build around with. I would say that what this set lacks in creativity it more than makes up for with clean and elegant design.

To Add

Legion Warboss
Status // Statue
Assassin's Trophy
Bounty Agent
Goblin Cratermaker
Mausoleum Secrets
Arclight Phoenix
Midnight Reaper
Vraska, Golgari Queen
Integrity // Intervention
Doom Whisperer
Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
Assure // Assemble
Discovery // Dispersal
Haazda Marshal
Tajic, Legion's Edge
Pelt Collector
Chamber Sentry

To Test with some expectation

Thought Erasure
Coclave Tribunal
Boros Challenger
Murmuering Mystic
Dream Eater
Runaway Steam-Kin
Beast Whisperer
Goblin Banneret
Lazav, the Multifarious
Knight of Autumn
Mamimize Velocity
Thief of Sanity
Etrata, the Silencer
Risk Factor
Electrostatic Field
Dawn of Hope
Experimental Frenzy
Bounty of Might
Torch Courier
Pilfering Imp

To Test with low expectations

Gruesome Managerie
Necrotic Wound
Emmara, Soul of the Accord
Unrealm Lich
Radical Idea
Find // Finality
Response // Resurgence
Sunholm Stalwart
Nullhide Ferox
Nightveil Sprite
Price of Fame
Mission Briefing
Venerated Loxodon
Conclave Cavalier
Connive // Concoct
Gird for Battle
Kraul Harpooner
Portcullis Vine
Barrier of Bones

For the Exotic Reserves 

Impervious Greatwurm
Healer's Hawk
Whisper Agent
March of the Multitudes
Izoni, Thousand-Eyed
Notion Rain
Maximise Altitude
Lava Coil
Erratic Cyclops
Truefire Captain
Invert // Invent
Thoughtbound Phantasm
Glowspore Shaman
Crackling Drake
Hunted Witness
Circuitous Route
Creeping Chill
Disinformation Campaign
Lotleth Giant
Wand of Vertebrae
Thousand-Year Storm
Urban Utopia
Fire Urchin

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  1. I meant to do a top X list of cards I am adding for expected power and playability so I can be embarrassed at how wrong I was two years down the line. So here that is;

    1. Assassin's Trophy
    2. Goblin Cratermaker
    3. Integrity // Intervention
    4. Haazda Marshal
    5. Legion Warboss
    6. Status // Statue
    7. Pelt Collector
    8. Arclight Phoenix