Saturday 22 April 2017

Podcast Trial (Amonkhet Preview: Mechanics and Blue)

I have been considering different formats for cube content for some time and mostly been putting it off due to my technical ineptitude! With the hand holding of a more competent friend I have finally gotten around to such things. This is a 20 minute or so podcast previewing the mechanics and blue cards from Amonkhet (as per the title). The plan is to do similar length ones for the rest of the relevant cards in the set. I expect to be doing 3 or 4 more in this style.

Obviously this is our first go at such things. The sounds quality is far from good, there is plenty of "umming" and repeating words like nice all of which I am aware of and hope to improve significantly on over the series. Should there seem to be a demand for such things and we get good enough at doing them then I will continue to output content in this format.

This is the link to our first podcast. You get to hear me! You also get to hear Steve, an old and local friend who has been playing Magic nearly as long as I! He plays a lot of MODO drafts across whatever formats are available. This is on top of being one of the core members of my cube group and as such he is the only person I regularly play with who does more magic than I presently do. If you wanted to check out his magic styles he is given the pseudonym "Swanker" for the recorded drafts posted on the blog and he does pretty well for himself. I may also try and get some written content from him up on the blog.

Any feedback welcome. We don't have a fully formed direction as yet and will be happy to change up the style or the level of the content. Improvements to quality will just have to come with time and practice but things like how long they are, how much detail we go into, how many cards we try and cover etc. are all open to change.

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