Saturday 17 September 2016

aggro energy.dec

In order to see how viable the support energy card will be in cube I have put together an overly focused energy deck that uses almost all the viable aggressive stuff. The deck isn't optimal but it will show me how good the energy stuff is likely to be in this guise in the cube. Although obviously not yet tried the deck it looks pretty poor on paper, like a bad Zoo deck. It has some cute things it can do but few of them are more powerful than just casting good cube cards. It turns out there is far too few one drops that involve energy and nothing really broken you can end games with. I'll trying something like this out and get my head kicked in but it will none the less satisfy a good itch! I think this exercise likely just means I can at least -1 to my rating for every card that I have stipulated needs other energy stuff to be good to have a chance.

24 Spells

Attune with the Aether
Thriving Tutrle
Birds of Paradise
Noble Hierarch

Lightning Bolt
Animation Module
Cloudfin Raptor

Servant of the Conduit
Sage of Shaila's Claim
Era of Innovation
Thriving Grubs

Decoction Module
Voltaic Brawler
Longtusk Cub
Harnessed Lightning

Atarka's Command

Fabrication Module
Empyreal Voyager
Deadlock Trap
Whirler Virtuoso

Lathnu Hellion
Architect of the Untamed

Armourcraft Judge (unreal that this seems viable given how much I hated on it in the review)
Bloodbraid Elf

16 Lands
including an Aether Hub

Now, this looks like a pile of garbage for cube, and it is basically. I think we can fiddle this about a bit and make it look like a really potent standard deck.

4 Thriving Turtle
4 Attune to the Aether

4 Voltaic Brawler
4 Longtusk Cub
4 Harnessed Lightning
4 Thriving Grubs

Looks like a really solid starting point that you can flesh out and take in a wide array of directions. That is enough thinking about standard. Back to cube! I am going to try a list for an Aetherworks Marvel cube deck. More of a combo take on energy. Seems like it will be better but mostly because it will use that many less energy cards... Still seems like it will struggle to even be tier two. We kind of already knew it as block mechanics almost never get archetypes in cube. They just don't ever print enough good one drops for them and so you have no low end support or just some really underpowered cards. Energy is narrow, unless your energy card wins the game or does all the things it needs to on its own while being very powerful then it isn't a card for cube.

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