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Seismic AssaultThis is a creation of my friends which always seems laughable on paper yet continues to kick my head in. Over the years he has done many versions of this deck, the only two complete consistencies in the lists is that they run Seismic Assault and are about three quarters land. The fact that a deck with so many lands and not even a Fastbond could be competitive amazes me still. Here is his latest version.


10 Spells


Treasure Hunt
Treasure HuntLife from the Loam
Trade Routes

Seismic Assault
Time Twister
Wheel of Fortune


30 Lands

Volcanic Island
Tropical Island

Wooded Foothills
Scalding Tarn
Arid Mesa
Misty Rainforest

Stomping Ground
Breeding Pool
Steam Vents

Cascade Bluffs
Fire-Lit Thicket
Rugged Prarie

Kessig Wolf RunRaging Ravine
Celestial Colonnade
Stirring Wildwood
Treetop Village

Inkmoth Nexus
Kessig Wolf Run
Desolate Lighthouse
Maze of Ith

Sulphur Falls

Lonely Sandbar
Forgotten Caves
Tranquil Thicket

With the deck being so focused on having mostly lands there is not much scope to vary the spells yet I have seen a wide array of other things being employed including a Swans of Bryn Argoll, Exploration and effects like it, cascade effects to tutor up and play the Assault and even just plain old tutors, sometimes dipping into black for them. While the Assault is the main kill condition it is not at all needed, often it is the threat of it that allows the deck to just beat you with lands alone. Wolf Run and Nexus is a scary thing to threaten and a lot of decks will scoop to having no lands in play while you have seven or more.

Dust BowlThe deck is highly resilient with so much land, much of which actually does stuff, yet is hard to disrupt. Although it looks like you rely on a few key components of which you have little ability to find the fact that you have so much powerful draw and the ability to easily cycle through much of the deck you can get what you need very fast and reliably.

With Fastbond being banned in my cube the Mana Bond is responsible for most of the broken things you can do with the deck but it is highly feasible to just make a turn three Assault and find a fatal quantity of lands the following turn, often with enough lands spare to hold off any incoming aggression.

This deck solid against most match ups and easily able to be tuned to cope better with certain things. Constant Mists and the Exploration package are irksome for many decks. This list has the Sunder and Abeyance to improve the control game although it is fairly strong there anyway with little clock to be concerned about and lots of uncounterable action to win with if needed.

The Tabernacle at Pendrell ValeSome of the cards are a bit niche and not in most cubes but you can make this sort of thing work with more commonly seen cards, especially if you have access to Fastbond. The main thing to have is lots of lands that do other things for you. Zuran Orb and Crucible of Worlds are more common cube cards and can work well in this deck even without a Fastbond fro the unfair combo bonus. Stripmine and The Tabbernacle at Pendrel Vale are both vey strong in this deck but I also banned the former and I don't have the latter.

From this list I would probably cut the white and add black instead for some Vampiric or Demonic Tutor Action and if I felt I still needed control solutions I could add a Duress or something. Knowing me I would get greedy and play 28 lands but I could also see cutting one of Mulch, Wheel of Fortune or Treasure Hunt from this list to make space for things. I would also like to see an Exploration in this list just to sure up getting your mana advantage and give you some extra space in your hand to start abusing your draw abilities earlier.

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  1. Haha really like this deck may try putting some of these cards in my cube