Friday 13 January 2012


I have seen a few articles, lists, discussions and websites discussing the cube but am yet to find one that is fully comprehensive, nor a list I deem well refined. Although the cube is not a competitive  magic format I remain convinced it is the most taxing, varied, versatile and  most importantly the most fun! I first constructed my cube in Mirrodin block and have kept it functional since then despite giving up all other forms of magic at the end of Ravnica block. I would like to think that I have played more cube than any other magic player having consistently played a few "cubes" per week since its creation. Regardless of this claim I have acquired some very strong ideas as to what makes for the most enjoyable experience in various cube formats and feel it is about time I shared some of these insights with the rest of the magic community with the aim of making peoples cube experiences as good as possible.

I will start with a brief description of my cube complete with a list of contents. I shall then attempt an LSV/Conley Woods style review of each card with explanations as to the cards inclusion and role in the cube. Once these tasks are complete I shall continue to periodically discuss archetypes, changes that I make with the advent of new sets and cube related ramblings.

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